Vermentino’s fest in Monti

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In today’s post I want to talk about a very felt event in the whole area of ​​Olbia and where many guests who have stayed with us have happily participated. We too have been there every year and we can not wait to go there again!
Today I will talk about the famous Vermentino’s fest in Monti, which is held every year on the first Sunday of August in Monti.

Before describing how the festival takes place and explaining why you will not be able to not enjoy it, let’s open a brief break on the history of this wine that will always be present during a good meal based on fish dishes in Sardinia.
The white and semi-aromatic Vermentino grape has an origin that is still not very clear today: some believe it comes from the north-east of Spain, others from the island of Madeira in Portugal. From Spain it would then spread first to France and then to Liguria. In Liguria it assumed the name of Vemettino, name with which it was exported to Corsica. Only from the second half of the ‘800 it arrives in Gallura and takes the name we know today.
The Vermentino di Gallura is DOCG (of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) and is one of the strongest varieties in terms of alcohol content. Another variety is the Vermentino di Sardegna (DOC), slightly fresher and suitable to accompany aperitifs.

Let’s briefly describe its properties: in general Vermentino is a dry white wine with a straw yellow color. After tasting it you will not be able to not grasp the aromas of wild flowers and also a note of yellow peach to complete the whole.
It is recommended to combine it with seafood appetizers and fish dishes.
Personally I think that you can not give wrong to the combination fish-vermentino: indeed, I take this opportunity to recommend absolutely a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants near the Baia Turchese Olbia residence. Spaghetti with clams and bottarga and a glass of Vermentino!

About the location of the fest, this is particular too.
First of all, the small town of Monti is located about twenty kilometers in the hills just outside Olbia. Reaching it is easy: from the Baia Turchese Olbia residence, head towards the airport. Follow the signs for Sassari. You will arrive to take the new motorway E840, always in the direction of Sassari. After about fifteen minutes, follow the signs for Monti. A few miles of car on a slightly uphill road that winds through the hills and you have arrived at your destination.
Do not worry about parking: the good organizers of the Vermentino’s fest prepare more parking areas and will show you where to park at your arrival.

The trip from Baia Turchese Olbia to Monti (OT).

Monti ( is a small hill town and its panorama offers you a spectacular view of the surrounding hills. The village is surmounted, protected, by a modest green peak. It seems that it is there to watch over Monti and its inhabitants.
The center of the village is crossed by a road on which sides there are all the shops, bars and restaurants.

Let’s move on to the main reason for your visit: the Vermentino’s fest!
Unfortunately, as I wrote at the beginning of the post, the festival is held only once a year on the first Sunday of August.
The atmosphere is joyous, cheerful, you can hear music coming from everywhere, all the bars are equipped with music stations and prepare tables and seats outside their verandas for visitors serving aperitifs and snacks: we are in the central street of Monti, closed to traffic for the fest, occupied entirely by the stalls where you will also find souvenirs to take home as a souvenir of your exciting holiday in Sardinia 2018.
Along the way you will see that everyone, who more quickly and others, head to the same place, the real beating heart of the fest.
I’m talking about the Vermentino di Monti’s winery ( in front of you opens a large space with many people who happily eat, chat and dance.
As we enter the square the music coming from the stage becomes gradually stronger and we begin to breathe a pleasant scent of grilled meat in the air.
You’ll arrive as the sky begins to darken with colors tending to pink and dark blue, with still the warm breath of the earth exposed all day to the sun that surrounds you, a magical atmosphere. The fest has just begun.

Moments of huge celebration at Vermentino’s fest.

You can freely access the fest, but with less than a dozen of euros you will have the right to go to the food stand where you will be served dishes with fresh grilled sausage, pecorino cheese and typical bread. You will also be given a glass placed inside a practical bag to hang around the neck: as well as being a nice memory of the evening, you will need to go to the wine stand where you can taste how many times you want both the Vermentino and the Cannonau (a firm dark red wine, famous on the same level as Vermentino and which goes well with meat dishes).

While the party continues ‘til late, you can visit the Vermentino winery and view the production stages or buy some bottles to take home or enjoy while you have a good dinner in your apartment in Baia Turchese Olbia.
A few steps from the heart of the party, on reservation, you can participate in a tasting of wines and typical cheeses explained and told by expert sommelier.

The large square and Vermentino’s winery.

The fest is set to close, tomorrow another day full of new experiences awaits you and a good rest is a must to face it with so much energy!
I remind you again that the Vermentino’s fest is held only once a year, precisely the first Sunday of August.

Your holiday in Sardinia will give you so many exciting moments full of joy with your partner, your family or your friends, not only during the day admiring paradisiac landscapes but also in the evening participating in food and wine experiences of this kind.


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