Save money when reaching Sardinia by car

Just the other day, a nice couple with a child, while asking for a free estimate for their vacation next summer in Baia Turchese Olbia, asked about the costs of the ships: if it is true that when you think of Sardinia there is see already laid out on white beaches with fine sand and crystal clear water, it is also true that you immediately think of the cost to reach this beautiful island.

Their request for information made me reflect and I asked myself the following question: is it possible to save on the cost of the ferry to reach Sardinia?

With this article, I want to show you that with a little ‘precautions and early planning of your holiday you can take great offers to save on the cost of the ferry, in order to then have a higher budget for the rental of the holiday home during the stay .

First advice: planning your holidays early, and thus also the trip, will save you a lot of money.
Advance booking“, or early booking, is a practice widely used by the European population but little by the Italians, who prefer to postpone choosing the destination of the summer holidays at the last minute.

But let’s move on to the point of the question: have you ever heard of websites such as or
If you already know these sites, then you already know where I want to go.
If you’ve never heard of them, then I’ll explain what they’re all about: the sites I just reported to you are nothing more than price comparisons of flights for the same route.
Set the airport of departure and arrival, the dates of the outward and return and in a few seconds the site will return a list with all the airlines operating on that route, in order of price from the cheapest to the most expensive.
Comfortable, no?

There are websites like these for ferry bookings too!
Now, I will write you the two main ones that use our guests:
• the first one can be found by clicking on this link:
• the second one, instead, can be found by clicking on this:

There are no big differences between the two, if not on a graphic level. The search results are, in fact, identical.

But how do they work exactly? And how can you save even more on your ferry journey? Continue reading and you will find the answer to these questions.

First of all, let’s see how they work. The first thing to do is enter the relevant data for the purpose of booking in the appropriate fields: the dates of the outward and return journey and the time you would like to leave, the number of adults and children, the presence or absence of a four-legged friend, the type of car and the size.
After entering this data, click on the search start button.
In a few seconds the site will produce a list of the possible combinations of the crossings in order of increasing price, from the cheapest to the most expensive.
After having spotted the companies that offer the lowest prices for your crossings, you can proceed with the reservation. But it did not end here.

It is possible that by booking through these price comparators, you will be added a small commission at the time of payment justified by the use of the search service offered by the website.

How to avoid this surcharge?
When you have identified the companies that offer the lowest price with the relative departure times, I suggest you mark them with a sheet and a pen.
Also on Google, look for the websites of the shipping companies that interest you and then make the reservation directly from there.

There’s another piece of advice I want to give you, but first I’ll give you a practical example that will help you better understand what I’ve just explained.

I have just booked in Baia Turchese Olbia from 20 to 27 July and I want to take the car with me so I can bring home a lot more things and I can go to the beaches of the area with maximum freedom.
I have to look for the lowest prices for ferry crossings on those dates.
I go to the ferries page, enter the required data and start the search. I want to leave from Livorno and get to Olbia, or Golfo Aranci.
In the list returned from the site, I see that the best offer for July 20 is a night crossing from Livorno with Sardinia Ferries to € 200 and for July 27th is an afternoon crossing from the port of Olbia with Moby Lines to € 175.
Great. I open a new page of Google and I go to the Sardinia Ferries website, I look for the ticket suggested by the price comparator and I book the first leg from Livorno with arrival at Golfo Aranci.
I do the same for the return trip, departing from the port of Olbia and arriving in Livorno.

In this way I was able to find the lowest prices for my trip to Sardinia, also saving on the commissions provided by the price comparator website.

One last tip to save a little more is the following: sometimes, by creating an account on the websites of the various shipping companies that offer crossings to Sardinia, you can periodically receive a very useful newsletter through e-mail that informs you about promotions in progress.
For example, there may be discounts on car transport, discounts for children, discounts on cabins and discounts on animals.
In addition, some companies, by logging into their site, allow you to save on commissions on the ticket. It’s not about many euros but it’s still something.

In short, reaching Sardinia at permissive prices even during the summer is possible.
Just organize yourself in advance and with a little cunning in order to take advantage of discounts for your ship trip to Sardinia.

For more information, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to me.

And for a free estimate and without any obligation write to or contact the number + 39 389 9361910 to speak with our sales department.

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