Why to choose a holiday house?

This year, spring has been slow to arrive, moreover, as in all regions of Italy.

It seems, however, that the rains, which are still very good for this land that can see whole months of summer drought, have left us for now.

A few days ago we have sent the clock forward an hour and so we can already enjoy long and mild sunny days.

About clocks: we spend our days working all year round, chasing our commitments and deadlines, appointments and timetables.

The children to be accompanied to school, the dog to take to the park, do the shopping at the supermarket after work, the boss who forces us to the office until late and so on and so forth.

The holidays are made to rest, relax and be masters of their day, without anything or anyone forcing us to follow exhausting roadmaps.

My opinion about it is that as far as accommodation in hotel can be accommodating, this does not allow you to fully enjoy your vacation time.

Have you ever had a chance to reflect?

Let’s make a brief summary: if one morning you want to stay in bed late you will have to give up your breakfast because the breakfast time is usually until 9.30 / 10.00 in the morning; if you are enjoying the quiet of the beach at lunchtime you have to run to the hotel because maybe after 13.30 they close the kitchen; if you want to admire a spectacular sunset that many have talked about you can forget it because you have to go back to the hotel, take a shower, get dressed and then go to dinner risking to leave you dry-mouthed.

If this were not enough, we would like to talk about the risk of being near noisy neighbors. Or, in the high season, to end up in a particularly crowded hotel?

And if you want to bring your four-legged friend with you but the hotel does not accept it?

In Sardinia, time will mark you with your rhythms but above all with your emotions.

Renting an apartment means managing your holiday in complete autonomy, with all the comforts of home at your disposal.

No time slot to be respected for meals, no opening and closing times of the hotel to be followed, no risk of having to deal with people in the hotel restaurant, no cleaning’s people who will knock at your door in the morning because they have to change towels.

In the morning you will wake up when you are fully rested and can enjoy your breakfast on the veranda or in the balcony of your apartment; you can go home late for lunch or prepare it in the morning if you plan to stay all day at the beach; in the evening you can return with complete calm for dinner, perhaps taking advantage of the hours of sunset for a little healthy jogging inside the residence.

Thanks to the equipment provided in the kitchens of our apartments you can have fun in the stove and prepare delicious dinners for your family or your friends.

After dinner you can have a relaxing walk on the shores of our lagoon or have a chat under the starry sky until late accompanied by a good bottle of wine.

Did you know that Baia Turchese Olbia rents apartments in which your four-legged friends are welcome? And not only: the residence has a large fenced area where you can let them play and run.

The Baia Turchese Olbia residence is renowned for its quiet atmosphere that permeates the air at all times of the year: even in the middle of August its silence and its peace will pamper you throughout the day.

I do not want to dwell too much on the economic discourse, but the big difference in cost between a holiday in a hotel and a holiday home is evident.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why in recent years more and more people decide to rent a holiday home rather than spending holidays in a hotel: often the appearance is deceiving and you can come across unpleasant episodes that could make you regret every penny spent.

Well, you just have to try what I have just talked about 🙂 We are waiting for you at Residence Baia Turchese Olbia!

If you need more information or would like a free quote for your stay in Sardinia at Baia Turchese Olbia, do not hesitate to contact us at commercialebaiaturchese@gmail.com or by calling +39 389 9361910.

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