Porto Istana’s beach: dream or reality?

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Today I will talk about a beach that many of our guests have visited during their holiday at Baia Turchese Olbia, because they had already heard of it but also because the staff, which knows the area very well, can’t forget to list it among the beaches to go to see for those who do not know it or who have never come to Sardinia before.
I will talk about the beach of Porto Istana!

Porto Istana’s beach is really handy to Baia Turchese Olbia!

Take note of the information I’m about to give you: the beach of Porto Istana is linked by public transport to our residence: at the entrance of the beach there is in fact the terminal of the line “5” that starts from Porto Rotondo, passes throught Olbia’s centre, stops in front of our residence and as a last stop marks “Porto Istana” (check out the official web site of Olbia’s public transport to organize your trip www.aspo.it/#1497016451403-c48f15ce-4268).
So, if one day you feel particularly unwilling to get in the car but still want to spend the day in a breathtaking beach, just get on the bus and after 10 minutes you will be at your destination.

Alternatively you can take the car and go there in complete autonomy. At the exit of Via Isola Padron Fiaso, at the intersection with the SS 125, turn left. Go straight about 3 km and you will arrive in Murta Maria; at the first roundabout of Murta Maria take the exit on your left following the signs for Porto Istana. Go ahead for about 2 km and at the end of the road you will have reached your destination.

There are plenty of paid parking and the rates are not too much expensive (but not too cheap, unfortunately throughout the area is so if not worse).

After leaving the car, head towards the tile passage leading to the beach and here in front of you’ll find one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, set between a green hill on the left and rocks on the right.

View by the little rocky dock.

The first thing you will notice will certainly be the soft consistency and the dazzling color of the sand that you’ll feel like walking on a golden foam.

Looking up, the view is definitely unforgettable: a transparent water table that disperses in the distance, acquiring shades that are gradually darker. From this you will immediately perceive that the water slopes slowly, allowing you serenity while your children play in the water.
The same applies to those who do not like splashing in deep water and like a warm water temperature.

Turquoise water of Porto Istana.

One of the things I love most about this beach is that I can lie on the water’s edge and soak up the sun while the timid waves refresh me from the summer heat.

Returning to the landscape, you will surely recognize the imposing “mountain” that stands right in front of the beach: its majesty Tavolara and all its spectacular height above sea level, which seems to protect them the beach of Porto Istana from wind and weather.
For photography enthusiasts, but also for those who love taking pictures with their mobile phone to send to their friends, it’s impossible to not immortalize this unique landscape.

Porto Istana and Tavolara in background in a november’s afternoon.

It’s not all!
There is a small restaurant and bar service to have a nice coffee or eat a good ice cream after lunch. The toilets, however, are located a few more meters, surmounting the cliff on the right of the beach and reaching the other beach.
The only flaw, in my opinion, is that this bar closes a little early and so, if you want to have a cold beer before to go dinner while the sun sets, you can’t.

If we really want to find a defect in this beautiful beach, I must confide that it is always very crowded: this is unfortunately a direct consequence of its fame, its beauty but also its shape. In fact, it is not very large so it has a limited capacity.
But do not be disheartened: a little place for your beach towels is always there and even a single half day is a must. You will not regret it, assured!

If you have already been there, we’d love to hear your opinion, perhaps leaving a comment under this post!

The beach of Porto Istana, which we are sure you will bring in the heart and memory after visiting it, is easily reachable from our Baia Turchese Olbia residence as it is just over 5 minutes by car.
An earthly paradise right behind your apartment 🙂


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Trip to Tavolara by rubber-dinghy

There is nothing better than adding a bit of adventure to your holiday in Sardinia. Sardinia is not just beach and sea and, thanks to the territorial diversity that makes it unique all over the world, you can take part in many trips to tell your friends when you get back home.

In this article I will talk about an exciting proposal that on more than one occasion we have recommended to our guests and of which they were enthusiastic.
I will tell you about a nice day on a rubber dinghy inside the Tavolara’s archipelago.

Tavolara is the massive “mountain”, also visible from the Baia Turchese Olbia residence, which stands out on the horizon in a southerly direction; its rectangular shape and its height (the highest point reaches 565 meters above sea level) make it well distinguishable from every stretch of coastline in the area.

In reality it is an island of only 6 km long and about 1 km wide placed in front of the tourist town of Porto San Paolo: on both sides it has steep limestone walls overlooking the sea; the main landing point with the tourist services, bar and restaurant is located in the tongue of land facing the coast (Punta Spalmatore). On the opposite side, there is a lighthouse for boats and a NATO military base managed by the Italian Navy which deals with terrestrial telecommunications with a very long range and very low frequency wave; the antennas are clearly visible even from the ground. This area is obviously off-limits to civilians 🙂

Baia Turchese Olbia and Tavolara in the background.

The other islands that make up this archipelago are Molara, Molarotto and Isola Piana; they are much smaller in size but still offer places to visit during your day in a dinghy.
In general, the whole archipelago is considered A.M.P. (Marine Protected Area) and there are stretches that are not passable with boats, others on the other hand where transit is allowed, but only at a speed of less than 10 km / h, while others can be freely passed by.
Before leaving, ask at the info point of Porto San Paolo a detailed map of the area so as not to incur salary sanctions of the Coast Guard.

Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo’s A.M.P. (Protected Marine Area)

Before starting to describe your unforgettable trip, I would like to face some points and remove some doubts.

  • First of all, driving a boat is not necessary a boat license if the latter’s engine does not exceed 40 hp, 6 meters in length and 1000 kg in weight between the boat and the engine. Navigation is not allowed beyond 6 miles from the coast (about 11 km).

From this point of view, however, you do not need to worry as in Porto San Paolo you will find many rents for dinghies for those without a boat license.

  • The second point is the following: to navigate in the middle of the sea you must pay the utmost attention. Even the most peaceful day, meteorologically speaking, can hide snares for a person who is not particularly attentive and concentrated.

Therefore, even if at sea there is much more space than in a normal city street, you will have to be particularly careful while sailing.

  • Third and last point: remember to bring a lot of water, sunscreen and caps; the summer sun of Sardinia is scorching and you certainly will not want to ruin a relaxing day at sea because of a bad sunstroke, right?


Well, let’s go!
Early in the morning, after a tasty breakfast on your veranda or balcony in one of our cozy apartments in Baia Turchese Olbia, I suggest you go to the beautiful tourist town of Porto San Paolo. Once you reach the pier, you will find lots of rubber dinghy rentals nearby (I always recommend booking a few days in advance, especially during high season) from which you can take your boat.
Loaded everything you need you will not have to do is turn on the engine and, with caution, move away from the dock.

Tavolara, Molara, Molarotto and Isola Piana.

First of all my advice is to head towards Tavolara facing the stretch of sea that separates Porto San Paolo from this imposing island.
As soon as you find the island in front, skirt the wall overlooking the sea on the south side.
As I said at the beginning of the article, there are areas where the passage of boats is prohibited: in this case, you can’t get too close to the cliffs. In general, in the whole East area of Tavolara’s island navigation is precluded: also, it’s a military area so it is not possible to dock.
However, it is absolutely not forbidden to circumnavigate the island keeping a safe distance and you can still admire the grandeur of the cliffs overlooking the sea, some caves set at sea level (Grotta Ghigliottina, Grotta del Papa) and the lighthouse. You will have to do a lot of photographs, be assured!

After your tour around Tavolara you’ll surely be very hungry: it is time to dock in the more “urbanized” part of Tavolara. Go with your boat in the spit of land called Punta Spalmatore located west of the island and here, at the pier, you can leave the boat and go for a bite to eat at the restaurant.
Nothing prevents you, of course, from bringing your packed lunch home: you can taste it on the beautiful beach right in front of the restaurant and the tourist services.

After a regenerating break, you just have to go to the pier and leave. The next stop I recommend you visit is the island of Molara with its beautiful natural pools.
To reach Molara, it will take only a few minutes direction South.
Once arrived, in the West area of the islet you will find these beautiful natural attractions visited by many tourists; the “pools”are stretches of lighter colored sea than the surrounding one.

One of the last stages consists in the modest pyramidal peak that takes the name of Molarotto, a few minutes of navigation towards the East compared to Molara. Throughout the area it is strictly forbidden to sail with boats and also this is an area that enjoys maximum environmental protection, so you can’t get too close, but nothing will stop you from taking wonderful photographs of this particular “rock” emerging from the water, like the famous pyramids of Giza near Cairo in Egypt.

To end your day by boat among the beautiful attractions of the area, the last stop I recommend is Isola Piana, on the way back to Porto San Paolo: from Molarotto proceed westwards leaving first Molara on your left and then Punta Spalmatore of Tavolara on your right; a few minutes of navigation and you will find Isola Piana.
Here the navigation is allowed and in fact you can approach with the boat and, at your discretion, throw the anchor and go swimming in one of the coves located on the south side of the island: you will find a beach with fine sand, clear water and colorful shades.

Le Vecchie Saline’s beach and Tavolara in the background.

Sardinia is also adventure, wild and uncontaminated places to discover with your partner, your family and your pets at and at any time of the year will give you unique and unforgettable emotions.

This is one of the many experiences you can have staying in one of the apartments in our green and relaxing Residence Baia Turchese Olbia.


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Why to choose a holiday house?

This year, spring has been slow to arrive, moreover, as in all regions of Italy.

It seems, however, that the rains, which are still very good for this land that can see whole months of summer drought, have left us for now.

A few days ago we have sent the clock forward an hour and so we can already enjoy long and mild sunny days.

About clocks: we spend our days working all year round, chasing our commitments and deadlines, appointments and timetables.

The children to be accompanied to school, the dog to take to the park, do the shopping at the supermarket after work, the boss who forces us to the office until late and so on and so forth.

The holidays are made to rest, relax and be masters of their day, without anything or anyone forcing us to follow exhausting roadmaps.

My opinion about it is that as far as accommodation in hotel can be accommodating, this does not allow you to fully enjoy your vacation time.

Have you ever had a chance to reflect?

Let’s make a brief summary: if one morning you want to stay in bed late you will have to give up your breakfast because the breakfast time is usually until 9.30 / 10.00 in the morning; if you are enjoying the quiet of the beach at lunchtime you have to run to the hotel because maybe after 13.30 they close the kitchen; if you want to admire a spectacular sunset that many have talked about you can forget it because you have to go back to the hotel, take a shower, get dressed and then go to dinner risking to leave you dry-mouthed.

If this were not enough, we would like to talk about the risk of being near noisy neighbors. Or, in the high season, to end up in a particularly crowded hotel?

And if you want to bring your four-legged friend with you but the hotel does not accept it?

In Sardinia, time will mark you with your rhythms but above all with your emotions.

Renting an apartment means managing your holiday in complete autonomy, with all the comforts of home at your disposal.

No time slot to be respected for meals, no opening and closing times of the hotel to be followed, no risk of having to deal with people in the hotel restaurant, no cleaning’s people who will knock at your door in the morning because they have to change towels.

In the morning you will wake up when you are fully rested and can enjoy your breakfast on the veranda or in the balcony of your apartment; you can go home late for lunch or prepare it in the morning if you plan to stay all day at the beach; in the evening you can return with complete calm for dinner, perhaps taking advantage of the hours of sunset for a little healthy jogging inside the residence.

Thanks to the equipment provided in the kitchens of our apartments you can have fun in the stove and prepare delicious dinners for your family or your friends.

After dinner you can have a relaxing walk on the shores of our lagoon or have a chat under the starry sky until late accompanied by a good bottle of wine.

Did you know that Baia Turchese Olbia rents apartments in which your four-legged friends are welcome? And not only: the residence has a large fenced area where you can let them play and run.

The Baia Turchese Olbia residence is renowned for its quiet atmosphere that permeates the air at all times of the year: even in the middle of August its silence and its peace will pamper you throughout the day.

I do not want to dwell too much on the economic discourse, but the big difference in cost between a holiday in a hotel and a holiday home is evident.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why in recent years more and more people decide to rent a holiday home rather than spending holidays in a hotel: often the appearance is deceiving and you can come across unpleasant episodes that could make you regret every penny spent.

Well, you just have to try what I have just talked about 🙂 We are waiting for you at Residence Baia Turchese Olbia!

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